What is Treetop Adventure?

The Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure (TTA) is a separate park area on the grounds of the Bronx Zoo – managed and operated by the Wildlife Conservation Society. This park consists of aerial adventure climbing elements set in the forest canopy, AND a dual zipline experience that races over and back across the Bronx River.

The climbing courses are of varying levels of difficulty, and consist of challenge obstacles including rope bridges, wobbly bridges, tight rope walks, ladders, rolling and swinging elements, zip lines and more!

PLEASE NOTE: Treetop Adventure is a separate ticket from the zoo experience or WCS Membership. Arrival to Treetop Adventure must be via the Bronx River entrance.

How do I get to Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure?

Arrival to Treetop Adventure is via the Bronx River entrance to the Bronx Zoo. Parking at the Bronx River parking lot is $20 per vehicle. We strongly recommend using mass transit, as our zoo parking lot can fill to capacity during the busy season.

If you arrive at any other zoo gate, you will need to buy a zoo ticket in order to get to Treetop Adventure. It is approximately a 15 minute walk from other zoo gates to get to the Treetop Adventure entrance.

For GPS address, use “Bronx River Parkway at Boston Road.” GPS Coordinates: 40.853964, -73.872057

Please do not use the generic Bronx Zoo address, as that will bring you to the wrong entrance.

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When are you open?

Treetop Adventure hours vary by day and season. Please check our visitor info page for current operating hours.

Are there restrictions on who can participate?

  • Not suitable for guests with extreme fear of heights
  • Pregnant woman are not permitted to participate
  • Participants must fit properly into harness and be age 7 and up, between 50 and 275 pounds, and be able to reach 66 inches with feet flat on the ground.
  • The zipline experience includes over 30 stairs and a 50 ft bridge. If this would be difficult for you on the ground, attempting at height is not recommended.
  • Not recommended for anyone with high blood pressure, heart conditions, neck/back/join issues or any other condition that would require immediate medical attention or be exacerbated by participation
  • Do not participate if you are recovering from a recent injury or surgery. Guest wearing a cast, splint or brace due to recent injury are not permitted to participate. If you wear a preventative brace, from an old or pre-existing condition, the brace cannot come between you and your safety gear.
  • Participants must have the proper clothing and footwear. Shoes must be athletic-type, lace-up with rubber-sole, and fully covered/enclosed.
  • WCS reserves the right to remove anyone from the Treetop Adventure who is unable or unwilling to perform all safety tasks independently, or who is in breach of the safety rules.

Can friends/family watch from the ground?

Due to strict capacity mandates, only visitors with a reservation, or required chaperones, will be allowed on the course. ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED. All guests age 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult (18+).

Do I have to make a reservation?

Due to strict capacity restrictions, advanced tickets and reservations are strongly encouraged. On-site reservation can be made when there is availability. However, we cannot guarantee or hold spots.

Can I host a birthday or group event at Treetop Adventure?

Yes, for more information on booking a birthday or group party package, please go to our Group and Party page.

Is there a "waiver" to fill out?

All participants must complete a signed License Agreement prior to beginning any activity at Treetop Adventure. We recommend completing the License Agreement in advance. Guests under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian complete the License Agreement, and are required to have all necessary supervision by an adult (18+) in order to enter Treetop Adventure and participate in any activity. Proper supervision of minors is required for entry, during orientation, and throughout their experience.

Fill out your License Agreement now.

How early should I arrive?

We require that all participants arrive 30 minutes prior to the reservation time. This will allow for check-in and any steps needed to be done prior to getting started. Ex: if your reservation time is 10:00am, please arrive to Treetop Adventure at 9:30. PLEASE NOTE: Arrival to the Bronx Zoo for TREETOP ADVENTURE must be via the Bronx River Gate (PARKING LOT B). Any other location will require a zoo ticket, and a 15 minute walk to get to the Treetop Adventure entry.


What is your cancellation policy?

All sales are final. Guests may reschedule their reservation with 5 days advance notice, for a new time within 6 months of the initial reservation. Reservation changes are not permitted with less than 5 days prior, and payment is non-refundable. No refunds will be issued for no-shows.

Be sure to check participation requirements before booking. For your safety, height and weight will be verified upon arrival. If you make an online purchase and you arrive at check-in booth and weigh less or more than the weight limits or do not meet the minimum height or reach requirements - there will be no refunds. Accurate contact information is required to fulfill any rainchecks or reservation adjustments.

WCS reserves the right to cancel or modify the program due to inclement weather, park or animal concerns, and/or safety concerns. In the event of cancellation, efforts will be made to reschedule you on the soonest available future date.

What happens in bad weather?

Treetop Adventure operates rain or shine. Only severe weather conditions such as lightning, high winds and heavy down pours will temporarily close the courses. (A light to moderate rain is merely another challenge to overcome on the adventure course!)

All sales are final. In the event where weather conditions change our operations:

  • If the climbing course or zipline is closed in advance of your arrival, a raincheck will be issued and we will assist in rescheduling your slot as soon as possible (raincheck will be valid only for the registered individual, and expires 1 year from initial reservation date). Participants will be contacted via the email address provided during purchase.
  • If we temporarily clear the courses during your climb/zipline, we will put the course on-hold for approximately 30 minutes to allow us to reevaluate conditions. Climb time will pause and when the course is reopened guests will resume climbing for the full amount of time they had remaining when the closure took place.
  • If we close the course during your climb/zipline, a raincheck will be issued to zipline-only guests and anyone climbing for 1.5 hours or less. Guests climbing for more than 1.5 hours will be considered a full session.
  • No refunds will be issued for no shows.

How difficult is it?

Our aerial adventure challenge course has 4 levels of difficulty and we believe this allows for a wide range of participation. From first-time climbers through experienced thrill-seekers, every level is challenging in its own way.

Staff are present throughout the experience to assist as needed. Our Rangers can provide cues and direction when a challenge becomes difficult, but we try not to take the “challenge” of out the challenge-course experience.

Are there changing facilities or lockers on site?

There are no locker rooms or changing facilities on site. Please come to the park ready to participate. There are small lockers, available on a first come first serve basis, to store personal items. The primary restrooms in the area are the Eco-Restrooms, located at the Bronx River Parking Lot (prior to entering the Treetop Adventure section). Once at Treetop Adventure, there are portable restrooms available for use (note: all harnessing gear must be removed prior to entering portable restrooms).

What if it is raining/snowing/cold/etc.?

We operate in all weather conditions except for lightning, extreme storm conditions and high winds. In the rare case we intend to close for an entire day, we will attempt to contact all reservations via the email provided during ticket purchase. An alert will go on our website, so please check there on the day of your reservation. If weather situations occur during your climb, we will initially put a hold on activities and wait for the weather to improve. Guests will resume climbing with the full amount of time left when we stopped the course. If the weather situation continues and we do decide to close the park for the day, anyone who has been climbing less than 1.5 hours will be offered a raincheck to reschedule their climb. Guests climbing over 1.5 hours will be considered a full session.

How long does it take to complete the climbing courses?

The climbing ticket is valid for 2 hours. This includes the training and preparation time, which typically takes less than 25 minutes. Guests will usually be able to complete 2-3 courses during their session. Guests will not be permitted to start a new course with less than 10 minutes left to their session.

If I bought “Climb & Zipline Combo ticket” is there a specific time I need to do each activity?

Reservations will be made based on the climbing course time. The combo ticket is for 2.5 hours and includes enough time to do a zipline within that timeframe. Rangers will direct you on the best order or when to do your zipline experience.

I'm not a climber, is this activity for me?

We have designed our experiences for a wide range of abilities and skill levels. While we do feel this is an activity most people will enjoy, the experience may not be for everyone.

What are the supervision requirements for children/minors?

Anyone age 7 to 17 years must be accompanied by an adult (18 year or older) into Treetop Adventure.

CLIMB: Children ages 7-17 may use the Equipment alone on designated courses, but all minors MUST have a parent or guardian 18 years or older supervising such use. Adult must be present to check in, attend safety orientation and sign this License Agreement. (Each course level has specific age-related supervision requirements. See ‘Climbing Course Requirements’ for complete details.)

ZIP: Children ages 7-9 must be accompanied by at least one ticketed adult during any use of the Equipment. Adult must be a parent or guardian 18 years of age or older who will sign this License Agreement. Maximum of two children (ages 7-8) per adult in the party. Children ages 10-17 may use the Equipment alone, but must have a parent or guardian 18 years or older present to check in, attend safety orientation and sign this License Agreement.

I have small children, can they climb?

Both the climb and zipline experiences have the same basic eligibility requirements:

  • Age 7 and up
  • Between 50 and 275 pounds
  • Able to reach 66 inches with feet flat on the ground.

What clothing should I wear?

Outdoor athletic clothing is the most appropriate. Shorts should cover at least to mid-thigh, in order to properly fit the harness. No loose clothing or jewelry which could interfere with cable/ropes or course components. Dresses, skirts and bathing suits are not permitted (exceptions may be allowed for a guest to wear a skirt/dress provided that shorts/pants are worn underneath, and that the skirt is not so loose as to interfere with course components).

Footwear is very important – all shoes MUST be closed-toe, rubber sole, lace-ups, with a fitted/secure heel. Flip-flops, clogs, high heels, sandals or loose slip-ons are some examples of footwear that is not permitted.

Shoulder length hair (or longer) must be placed in a low ponytail. All participants must wear the provided helmet. Ornate hairstyles/ponytails on top of the head must be adjusted to fit inside the helmet. Beanies and bandanas/buffs may be worn under the helmet provided they do not interfere with the proper fitting of safety gear. Brimmed hats and hoodies will not be permitted under the helmets, as they obstruct proper helmet fitting.

What if I don't arrive with proper shoes?

Guests will not be permitted to climb or zip without the proper footwear. We are very detailed throughout our website about the proper gear needed. Footwear must comply with our safety requirements, and be closed-toed, secure, with a rubber sole. There will be a limited number of shoes for loan at our gear-up area, which will be available on a first come first serve basis.

Can I carry a cellphone or camera?

For safety reasons, we do not allow climbers to carry cell phones or cameras on the course – as they could be dropped accidentally and injure other guests. They can also interfere with your harness and the cables. We ask all participants to empty their pockets before getting on the gear. If you have friends who aren't climbing, they are welcome to take pictures from the ground along the main paved path. We do have clear phone pouches available for sale that allows you safely bring your cell phones on the course.

What should I bring?

Please limit what you bring with you. There are small lockers available for use, on a first come first serve basis. These are for storing small personal items while you are on the course, and we require all participants to empty their pockets before getting on the gear.

  • Camelback packs and waterbottles are not permitted to be worn/carried. We provide water stations for participants throughout the course area
  • Guests with medical conditions requiring items such as epipens or inhalers are permitted to carry these on them during their experience, but they must be carried in a secure manner (such as a zipped pocket). Please alert the staff Rangers if you are carrying a medical item.
  • We recommend applying sunscreen and/or bug repellant prior to arrival (please do not spray near the gear)
  • Gloves are provided for those who wish to wear them, but we suggest bringing your own. Gloves are also available for purchase at Base Camp.
  • We provide all other gear needed for the experience. Please do not bring items like helmets or harnesses, as we cannot permit those personal items to be used.

WCS is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items and will not retrieve any items that may fall into the attraction or river area.

Is this safe?

We take the safety of our guests very seriously and we ensure that everyone who comes to Treetop Adventure has the training to complete their activities without putting themselves or others in danger. For the safety of everyone on the course, we require all participants to read and sign our License Agreement before beginning this activity.

Is there a time limit for climbing?

The climbing ticket is valid for 2 hours. This includes the training and preparation time, which typically takes less than 25 minutes. Guests will usually be able to complete 2-3 courses during their session. Guests will not be permitted to start a new course with less than 10 minutes left to their session. Your gear must returned to the Gear Drop Off station at the end of your experience. Guests who do not return gear in a timely manner may be subject to additional fees.

What equipment is provided?

We provide all the proper equipment to traverse our courses and zipline safely, including helmet, harness and smart belay. Staff will assist with fitting and securing the equipment with each guest to ensure safety.

Please leave any personal gear at home. We require guests to use all pieces of our equipment which is inspected daily and certified for use. Feel free to bring your own gloves for comfort, but leave the rest to us!

How safe is the equipment?

We use a full-body harness safety system and the course is monitored by trained staff.

Does the equipment fit everyone?

Our equipment fits “most”. Please note that no one will be permitted to participate if the safety equipment (harness, helmet) does not properly fit.

On a very rare occasion where a guest is eligible to climb (height/weight/reach) but there are difficulties in properly fitting the safety equipment, a full refund will be provided.

Is there a Souvenir Shop at Treetop Adventure?

Yes, we offer some apparel items, gloves, socks and beverages at our Treetop Adventure Stand. Please note, only credit card transactions are available at the stand.

Is this park sustainably sourced?

Yes, Treetop Adventure is one of NYC’s only sustainably created rope courses. The towers and platforms are constructed of black locust timber poles, only the bark has been removed to preserve the organic shape and feel. This timber is naturally rot-resistant and will remain intact without the use of chemicals. All connections to the trees have been made without penetrating the bark so the trees can continue to grow and thrive.