Know Before You Go

  • Advanced tickets/reservations are required for Treetop Adventure Climb & Zip.
  • Participants must arrive 20-30 minutes prior to their start time.
  • You may bring your own gloves or purchase on-site.
  • You may bring bottled water or purchase on-site.
  • Proper footwear is required. You must meet the weight and reach requirements to participate. Agreements and release forms must be signed in advance.

Please reference the full list of rules and policies here.


Harness Requirement Icon Reach Requirement Icon

All Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure participants must:

  • Fit properly into harnesses
  • Be ages 7 & older
  • Weigh between 50 - 275 pounds
  • Be able to reach 66” with feet flat on the ground
  • Demonstrate full range of motion with arms and legs
  • Be physically able to grasp and pull ropes, and climb and balance on stairs and ladders.
  • Be able to comprehend and follow all safety instructions
  • Wear athletic-type sneakers and proper attire (no skirts or dresses).
  • Be able to read, sign, and comprehend the licensing agreement and release form. A parent/guardian (ages 18+) must be present to sign a license agreement and release form for any participant under age 18.
Fill out your Agreement & Release now.

Additional restrictions and participant rules also apply.

Our Treetop Adventure staff cannot not be used to substitute for adult escort or supervision. Please look closely at the supervision requirements for all minors.

Climbing Course Requirements


Children ages 7 - 9 must be accompanied by at least one ticketed adult throughout the entire zipline experience - a parent or guardian 18 years of age or older who will sign the Agreement & Release. Maximum of two children (ages 7 - 9) per adult in the party. Children ages 10 –17 may participate alone, but must have a parent or guardian 18 years or older present to check in and sign the Agreement & Release.


Children ages 7–17 may participate alone on designated courses, but all minors MUST have a parent or guardian 18 years or older supervising their experience. The adult must be present at check in, sign the Agreement & Release, and attend safety orientation. Each course level has specific age-related supervision. See 'Climbing Course Requirements Chart' below for complete details.

Some of our courses require adult escorts and/or supervisors for children. Look for these icons:

  • Supervisor
  • Adult may be on the ground observing; (maximum ratio of 2 children per 1 adult). Supervisor must remain on Treetop Adventure grounds.
  • Escort
  • Adult must be up ON the course climbing along with the child.



Yellow Courses


Green Courses


Blue Courses


Black Course


years old
Supervisor 2:1 Ratio 1:1 Ratio N/A


years old
Supervisor Supervisor 2:1 Ratio N/A


years old
Supervisor Supervisor Supervisor 1:1 Ratio


years old
Supervisor Supervisor Supervisor Supervisor


years old
Solo Solo Solo Solo