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Take a break from rooftop hopping and hangout in the treetops at our sustainably created aerial ropes course. Whether you want to zipline across the Bronx River or add a climbing experience with a combo package, there's something safe for everyone.


Forget a humblebrag, we're straight up bragging about this zipline. Strap in for an exhilarating ride on the 400-foot-long zipline and back. You'll pickup speed riding high above the trees and over the Bronx River. Get your adrenaline pumping and grab an incredible bird's eye view.

I love the fact that this place is in the heart of the city - amazing climbing, obstacle courses and zip lines - every single one of the staff is beyond friendly and are simply amazing.

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Five different courses allow you to climb through the trees, ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert. Swing from rope to rope, skateboard high above the ground, and navigate your way through the trees.

When you arrive at Treetop Adventure, we'll start you off on a beginner course so you can "learn the ropes." You can work your way up to expert level as you conquer greater and greater challenges! Each course has a wide variety of elements so there's always a new challenge. Our expert rangers are always nearby to cheer you through and ensure your safety.


Practice your balance and get your feet wet on our yellow course, perfect for the whole family.


Kick things up a notch, like with a ride on a skyack, on the two green intermediate courses.


Strengthen your body and mind as the obstacles get more difficult on the blue course.


Bring your best to our expert level black course, with ladders, a rock wall, and more obstacles that will test you.