Climb & Zip

Experience a breathtaking zipline ride, 400 feet across the Bronx River and back. And challenge yourself to conquer NYC’s sustainably-created aerial ropes course. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert climber, there’s a treetop adventure that’s perfect for you.


Your Climb and Zip ticket is valid for 2.5 hours. This includes the training and preparation time, which typically takes less than 25 minutes. Guests are usually able to complete 2-3 courses during their session.


Some of our courses require adult escorts and/or supervisors for children. Look for these icons:

  • Supervisor
  • Adult may be on the ground observing; (maximum ratio of 2 children per 1 adult). Supervisor must remain on Treetop Adventure grounds.
  • Escort
  • Adult must be up ON the course climbing along with the child.

“My wife is a ropes course expert. Me? Not so much. Our kids? Born to climb, apparently. It was great that there were courses all of us could enjoy.”

Bill, WCS Member


Beginner Courses


Practice your balance and test your skills on a course that’s perfect for the whole family.

Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure offers two Beginner courses, each featuring twelve obstacles. Choose your path, adventurer!

Beginner Course 1
12 obstacles: Zipline, Net Bridge, Frog Hops, Angled Beam, Amazon Walk, Raft Bridge, Barrel Crawl, Swaying Logs, Jungle Traverse, Milwaukee way, Lieutenant’s Ladder, Wave Bridge

Beginner Course 2
12 obstacles: Zipline, Sky Ladder, Sahara Pass, Flying Seat Zip, Rolling Log, Dune Crossing, Zig Zag Wave, The Net, Thor’s Bridge, The Wiggle, Sliding Scale, Suspended Logs

  • Adult supervision is required for ages 7-17.
Intermediate Courses


Get a little more daring and take a Skyak ride through the treetops, navigate the Zig Zag Bridge, and complete the Chicken Run!

Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure offers two Intermediate courses. Continue your journey to treetop greatness.

Intermediate Course 1
13 obstacles: Zipline, Log Walk, Teeter Bridge, Wire Walk, Log Bridge, Net Bridge, Hinge Bridge, Zig Zag Bridge, Crescent Bridge, Neverending Bridge, Saddle, Duck Bridge, Chicken Run

Intermediate Course 2
12 obstacles: 2 Ziplines, Balance Log, Spider Web Cargo, Asymmetrical Ladder, Rolling Sled, Zig Zag Walk, Triangle Pass, 2 Jungle Vines, Solid Stroll, Skyak

  • Adult escort is required (2:1 ratio) for ages 7-9.
  • Adult supervision is required for ages 10-17.
Advanced Courses


Are you ready? Strengthen your body and mind as the obstacles get more difficult on the blue course. Traverse the Ski Pass, conquer the Spinning Trapeze, and test yourself on the Chain Links.

Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure offers an Advanced course. Rise to the challenge!

12 obstacles: Zipline, Stump Climb, Trapeze Transverse, Meditation Stare, Crabwalk, Cargo Net Down, Hug Logs, Chain Links, Ski Pass, Tippy Toes, Spinning Trapeze, Texas Stirrups

Participants must complete at least one Beginner or Intermediate course before tackling an Advanced course.

  • Adult escort required (1:1 ratio) for ages 7-9.
    Adult escort is required (2:1 ratio) for ages 10-13.
  • Adult supervision is required for ages 14-17.
Expert Course


You’ve got this. Bring your best to our expert level black course, with ladders, a rock wall, and more obstacles that will test you.

13 obstacles: Zipline, Log Ladder, Flypaper, Monkey Bars, Burma Bridge, Flying Trapeze, Coconut Ladder, Trotting Bridget, Rock Walls, Tarzan Swing, See-Saw Bridge, Giant’s Ladder, Leap of Faith

Participants must complete at least one Intermediate or Advanced course before tackling the Expert course.

Ages 7-13 are not permitted on the Expert course.

  • Adult escort required (1:1 ratio) for ages 14-15.
  • Adult supervision is required for ages 16-17.